New Stories, Previews, Reviews and Interviews Coming Soon in April 2013

12 Apr

By Brian M. Howle

Local MusicHey kids, sorry for the delay in posting current stuff for the past couple of months.  Been a little busy trying to move a lifetime’s worth of “stuff” from the home that I sold in the fall, mostly by myself in carloads at a time.  Was very fortunate to have a couple of workers help move the really big, heavy items in a 20′ U-Haul truck so that it was all in one trip getting to the second storage unit I had to procure due to the aforementioned lifetime’s worth of “stuff.”

Anywho, Spring has sprung and lots of new tours are cranking up, plus all the new bands – both local and worldwide – will soon be competing for stages all over the Grand Strand and the Carolinas in general.

One of the features I intend to add will be a Concert Calender, which will primarily show every major tour in the Georgia/S.C./N.C. triangle of the Southeastern Seaboard, and tossing in Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia and Virginia just because, well, I’m that kinda guy.

If you have a band – or know a band – who is seeking some coverage in getting their name out there so folks who support live music know where the hell you are going to be playing in order to be able to actually SEE and HEAR you!

So hang tight just a bit longer as I tie up the last few loose ends to a myriad of personal things, and look for new content and an updated site as well.

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