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Go Fast, Turn Left, Don’t Hit Anything

By Brian M. Howle

As life continues its daily, relentless grind on us all, wearing us down, beating us into submission – it is only natural for almost everyone to just accept this as a given; to take in stride the changes that affect us in all the negative manners we are told is our predestined fate, and to let those slight, few regrets which we may still retain just fade away and remain unreconciled.

Yeah, well, fortunately for me, I am not everyone.

So when my daily grind began with checking email for our publications enabled me to run across the evite to attend the Media Day Appreciation event being hosted by the recently purchased Myrtle Beach Speedway on April 18, it took me a split-second to read and then re-read what was on the screen before me: “You may choose to drive an actual NASCAR stock car or you may choose to ride with …”

Well, I never got to the part explaining you could also just be passenger while a professional driver took the wheel until later.

One of 16 media drivers at the NASCAR Racing Experience challenge who had their photo taken with the official NRE car and lived to tell the tale.  And this guy is good.

And that’s because if ever a Walter Mitty-type dream came true for anyone, it most certainly just had for me.

This was made possible by the fact that one of the new owners of the track, Bob Lutz,  is also founder and owner of NASCAR Racing Experience.  After 20 or so years in running these types of driving schools, Bob knows that promotion is more than just the name of the game, and what better way to ensure that the word get out on your newest endeavor – via all local media outlets – than by inviting the entire motley crew of thrill-seeking journalists out to the track for a true first-hand perspective.

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Get A Dosage Of Collective Soul At HOB May 13

Collective Soul (L-R): Will Turpin, Ed Roland, Dean Roland, Joel Kosche (not pictured, Johnny Rabb).

By Brian M. Howle

As a music writer, nothing burns my butt more than seeing some fluff piece or hit piece, where the personal agenda is so blatant that even a blind man could see it.

Well, if you’re a writer with the same outlook – prepare to be burned – but, in a good way.

Because ever so often, there are bands that come along who are just good in every known interpretation of the word, in the application of it to all aspects of their being. As musicians, as performers, as professionals, and most importantly, as people.
So if you’re like me, you’ll want to make sure to get your tickets early for this one, as Collective Soul returns to the stage at House Of Blues Myrtle Beach at 4640 Highway 17 S.,  North Myrtle Beach, S.C., on May 13.

Hailing from Stockbridge, Georgia, founder and creative tour de force Ed Roland (lead vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar) fronts a unique group of guys who have found that magic elixir of charisma, talent, and damn good music that will stand on its own regardless of your place in the space-time continuum. Along with brother Dean Roland (rhythm guitar), Joel Kosche (lead guitar, backing vocals), Will Turpin (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Johnny Rabb (percussion), he leads a well-tuned musical machine that cranks out massive amounts of positive energy and killer tunes.

One thing about being at a Collective Soul concert that I really enjoy, is hearing the inevitable comment of “Man, I forgot they did this one, too!” over and over again during the course of the show.  They aren’t just prolific, kids; their content is chock full of quality tunes, with thoughtful, insightful lyrics and some of the bestest killer hooks to ever grace a master tape.

From the breakout hits “Shine” and “Breathe”, to the MTV monster “The World I Know,” “December,” “Gel,” “Better Now,” “Hollywood,” “You” and “Understanding;” their body of work is impressive in anyone’s book.

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Full Throttle Saloon Presents Throttle Fest At HOB Myrtle Beach May 17-19

Well, sometimes you just have to let time and common sense work their collective course until things work out.  And after some of those misguided souls who supposedly run Horry County and City of Myrtle Beach had their asses handed to them by the courts for blatantly attempting to suppress personal freedom and destroy free commerce and a long-standing, mutually beneficial Bike Week Rally in the spring of each year, the good times and good folks who ride the lightning on all makes of scoots will be returning to the highways and byways of the Grand Strand once again.  ‘Nuff said on the personal commentary on my part.

House of Blues & Full Throttle Saloon would like to welcome Spring Rally Riders May 17, 18 and 19th with a full line up of entertainment events & appearances by the entire cast of the hit show Full Throttle Saloon on Tru TV.

Concert Line Up

Thursday May 17th – Theory of A Deadman with Pop Evil and Stellar Revival

Friday May 18th – The Marshall Tucker Band with Trent Tomlinson & HER & Kings County & The Full Throttle Flaunt Girls

Saturday May 19th – Jackyl with Nigel Dupree & The Full Throttle Flaunt Girls

*Tickets for these events are onsale 4/12 and can be purchased through the box office 843.272.3000 or

The Deck Line Up

Live Entertainment on The Deck Noon-Midnight Thursday-Saturday:

DB Bryant, Nigel Dupree, The Full Throttle Flaunt Girls, Power Born Rebellion & More

*All events to include appearances by Full Throttle’s Mike Ballard, Jesse Dupree, Angie, Goat, The Flaunt Girls & The Full Throttle Bartenders.

For information and tickets call 843-272-3000 or visit online at  or .

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