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“Rocky And A Piano” Now At The Carolina Opry’s Gilmore Auditorium

By Jordan Walkins

Fans of The Carolina Opry and its original long-time keyboard player, Rocky Fretz, will have an opportunity to see him perform in a weekly piano matinee this fall, which began September 21. In contrast to the grand performances and special effects that occupy The Carolina Opry stage by night, Rocky and a Piano will offer a more intimate performance.

Patrick O’Leary accompanies pianist Rocky Fretz in the new Rocky And A Piano matinee at The Carolina Opry.

Accompanied by his favorite bass player Patrick O’Leary, this show will highlight Fretz’s talents in their purest form, featuring a variety of well-known classics as well as a few original compositions. Shows in November and December will also include holiday music.

Rocky joined The Carolina Opry as an original cast member in 1986, where his stunning piano solos and signature charisma consistently brought audiences to their feet. He continued to perform full-time through 2003, when he became a rotating artist pursuing his solo piano and recording career. In the intervening years he has been invited regularly to perform at The Carolina Opry in short runs. He will appear in the 2011 edition of The Carolina Opry Christmas Special, often called “the Christmas show of the South,” each evening for the length of its run.

Calvin Gilmore, owner and producer of The Carolina Opry, said “Rocky and a Piano is a great change of pace from what you usually see in our theater; just Rocky, a piano, and beautiful music. The smaller setting will create a really unique and interactive experience for the audience.” Rocky Fretz said, “It will be an honor to do a show at Gilmore Auditorium – and I have some surprises for you too. It’s going to be fun and upbeat all the way!”

Rocky and a Piano will run most Wednesdays, September 21 through December 28 at 2 p.m., and the performance will last approximately 50 minutes. For a complete list of show dates please contact The Carolina Opry Reservations line at 843-913-4000. Adult tickets are $27.00 through October and $29.95 in November and December, or just $15.00 when packaged with The Carolina Opry, Good Vibrations, or The Carolina Opry Christmas Special; restrictions apply, so call for details.

About The Carolina Opry

Gilmore Entertainment has long been the leader of musical variety show entertainment in the Southeast, with the classic Carolina Opry show and their newest hit, Good Vibrations. Gilmore and his Carolina Opry have been featured by USA Today, ABC Nightly News, Southern Living Magazine, Variety, and a host of other newspapers and television shows. It is the only Myrtle Beach show to receive the coveted South Carolina Governor’s Cup, as well as being voted South Carolina’s Most Outstanding Attraction. In recent years, Gilmore has performed regularly on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, and he is designated as South Carolina’s Official Country Music Ambassador.


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