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The Private Life Of David Reed To Play Island Bar Feb. 26

The Private Life Of David Reed

By Christina Reynier

South Carolina natives, The Private Life of David Reed will be embarking on a national winter tour and playing February 26th in Myrtle Beach.

In a music world always longing for a new voice, The Private Life of David Reed represents the singer-songwriter for the 21st century fan. South Carolina native David Reed brings everything to the surface with his take on some of life’s most personal things on his new album, which will be released on November 9, 2010 via Chamberlain Records.

Following his 2008 solo debut, Missteps and Miscommunications, Reed joined his longtime friend and producer Tomas Costanza (The Never Enders, The Anix, Track Fighter) in Los Angeles to record the ambitious ten-song set. The Private Life of David Reed crests on his thought-provoking lyrics, layered with fierce guitar riffs and slight electronic tweaks.

From the propulsive riffage of “November” and “Sad Day” to lush reflections such as “The Difference” and “Leaving with a California Tilt,” Reed’s soul-searching spirit is unwavering in his quest to bring sincere and direct visuals to the forefront.

WHO: The Private Life of David Reed

WHERE: Island Bar | 2272 Glenns Bay Rd. | Myrtle Beach, SC

WHEN: February 26, 2011 | 8:30PM | Doors: $5

For more information, please check out:



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Buckcherry Brings Throatrippin’ Rock To House Of Blues Feb. 11

By Brian M. Howle


There is rock.  And there’s kickass rock.

And then, as my friend Julie says, there’s BuckfuckingCherry.

Headlining the Jagermeister Music Tour, the L.A.-based extreme rockers will rip the roof off of House Of Blues in North Myrtle Beach, SC, on Friday, February 11, as Buckcherry hits the stage with opening acts Hell Yeah, All That Remains, The Damned Things and Souls Harbor. DAMN! That’s a lot of rock for the buck, cherry!

It’s really very simple, and very basic.  If you have some “issues” with their songs like “All Lit Up” and “Crazy Bitch,” then do the rest of us a favor and stay the fuck away from HOB this Friday night, alright?  We don’t need lightweight posers sucking up valuable oxygen.

Also know this: They were picked by those venerable tightasses over at NASCAR for an official video, featuring the best cover of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” I’ve heard since those other boys from Texas, Point Blank, covered it in the early ’80s.  And believe this:  NASCAR won’t put their name on shit unless it sells.

But hey, why not get the story straight from the horse’s mouth, via their management’s official press release:

A band can respond to success in many different ways.

It can become complacent and rest on its laurels.  It can become cautious and just give fans more of the same thing they liked the last time.  It can become cocky and not even care about what comes next.

Or it can be like Buckcherry and go for the throat.

Emboldened, enriched, inflamed, and re-invigorated by the success of 2006’s RIAA platinum, Grammy-nominated 15 (which included the monster hits “Crazy Bitch” and “Sorry”), the hard rockin’ California quintet returns with Black Butterfly, a 12-song set that strides forward with the kind of confidence and spirit of adventure you expect from a band that feels it constantly has more to prove.  Produced by guitarist Keith Nelson and Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Def Leppard, “Almost Famous,” Fuel), Black Butterfly finds Buckcherry using the revival spurred by 15 to push itself even further in its quest for Sex, Drugs, and Buckcherry.

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One Dragon Rocks The Islander Bar & Grill For One Night Only On Feb. 12

By Brian M. Howle

One Dragon (formerly Psych Ward) is performing for one night only in a rare local appearance on Saturday, February 12, 10:00 p.m. at The Original Islander Bar and Grill in Pawleys Island.

What do you get when you take Matt Parker (Psych Ward, Traitor’s Gate, Prey for Raine, MonkeyGrass etc.) on Guitar and lead vocals and add Greg Ford (Red Emotion Riot, Kid Drew band, Sideways Derby etc,) on drums and lead and backing vocals with Rob Rotondo (the best young bass player in the southeast)?


Matt Parker • Greg Ford • Rob Rotondo

Well you are about to find out. One Dragon is either the most danceable Rock band ever or the most guitar driven dance band since Prince brought out the Revolution. With a perfect blend of dance tunes, Rock and alternative, StevieRay and Hendrix blues, jams and original music from Parker’s previous project Psych Ward, as well as new material, One Dragon promises to rock any hip musical needs you may have. Any room anytime you need a party band that doesn’t simply play the same stuff you hear every night.

Did I forget to mention that they can take requests all night if need be? Keep your ears, eyes and soul open and please do believe the Hype.

For information on One Dragon, visit

The Islander Bar and Grill is located at 9185 U.S. 17, Pawleys Island, SC (At the redlight, across from the entrance to the South Causeway.)  For information, call 843-602-9151.


This article also appeared in Alternatives NewsMagazine, Feb. 10 – 24, 2011.


“A Benefit for Ryan” – A Trio Of Special Fundraisers Help 6-Year-Old Ryan Howell To Triumph In His Battle With Adversity

By Angela Rosati Barwick

Ryan Howell

Ryan Howell is a local 6 year old boy who needs your help.  Minutes after being born, Ryan suffered a serious stroke. This is called an “infarction” in newborns.

This “Infarction“ causes Ryan to suffer symptoms much like someone with severe cerebral palsy. He is a bright sweet boy but is confined to a wheelchair; very challenged in normal daily activities, has never known a childhood, and is helpless as a newborn.

His father, Wesley Howell works for Time Warner Cable during the day and the House of Blues in the evening.  His wife stays at home to care for Ryan.

The family has been introduced to a treatment called “Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber” or “HBOT” for short. Their doctor has given them hope that this procedure can help by bringing their son back to a better standard of life. Simple things like squeezing his Dad’s hand may soon be possible.

This chamber was originally set up for people who surface too quickly after diving in the ocean.  It forces pure oxygen to the brain which can repair damaged areas of the brain. This procedure is also used to help those with spinal cord injuries after serious accidents.  The HBOT procedure for a child this age is a two step phase, with each phase taking 30 days to complete.  The child and mother have to go into this chamber forty times during each phase, and each session could last 30 minutes to an hour.

This procedure is not covered by any insurance because it is considered experimental. As a result, this family has to pay of pocket for the procedure. They have completed the first phase this past July with the assistance of donations, yard sales, car washes, passing a hat around the stands at local car races, anything they could to raise the money to pay for their child’s procedure.

Three benefits are now scheduled for February. The benefits are:

Sunday, February 20th from 2-4 PM
N. Strand Park, Hwy 57 (@ Hwy 9), Little River
$10 donation
Zumba instruction by several local teachers, refreshments, door prizes and a 50/50 raffle.
For more information, call 843-504-2141, 843-450-2622 or 843-283-0242

Poker Run
Saturday, February 26th
50/50 Raffle, prizes, fun
Details available by calling Ron Biller (843) 855-2020

Benefit Concert
Saturday, February 26th
House of Blues, Barefoot Landing, N. Myrtle Beach, SC
Featuring:  Sinful Blue, Chronic, Sick Stooges and That’s Cool & Stuff
Tickets $5 – available at HOB box office or at door
For more information, call 843-450-2622 or 843-283-0242

Donations may be sent to:
The Ryan Howell Project, c/o Carolina First Bank – Crescent Branch, 1801 Highway 17 South, N. Myrtle Beach, SC 29582. Phone 843-272-7344.


This article was also published in Alternatives NewsMagazine, Feb. 10 – 24, 2011.

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Concert Calendar 1-27-2011 to 2-10-2011

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Frank Zappa Wrote A Song About This Guy

By Brian M. Howle

It’s really amazing to realize that the late, great Frank Zappa – who was so far ahead of his time it’s not even close to being funny – could have envisioned the unfolding of my life, even at this late stage, and had the wherewithall to write a song about it.

Good ol’ Frank and the Mothers of Invention. They cranked out some seriously incredible music, albeit extremely eccentric from time to time (well, more often than not is more like it), and Frank himself was an absolute machine, a prolific writer and artist who churned out an amazing body of work in his all too short lifetime.

But in the last week, I have come to realize that he had the visionary ability to peer into my current situation and assess the total sum of a person who has become a bane on my existence, all at a time where I have attempted – much to the consternation and disapproval of my friends and ex-lovers – to give assistance, service and help to someone who is so self-absorbed, so ungrateful, and so completely unworthy of my friendship and talents that they can be so beautifully nailed in the verse of one of Frank Zappa’s greatest works: “You’re An Asshole,” from the song, “Broken Hearts Are For Assholes.”

Yeah, I know, the song was about a girl, and my subject matter isn’t.  But the verse fits perfectly, and I’m sticking with it.

And you know who you are.  So does most of Myrtle Beach.  Enjoy your free publicity.


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