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And The Cradle Will Rock: HOB’S M.B. Rocks! Hosts Dino’s School of Rock

Heber Fragoso of “Broken Strings” sets the beat as House of Blues’ M.B. Rocks! series welcomes them and three other bands from Dino Capone’s School of Rock on Dec. 3.

By Brian M. Howle

Back in the early days of rock ‘n’ roll, kiddies, if you had the itch to get out there and play loud, frenetic music that your parents hated and all the proper folks around town frowned down upon, well, you had to really get creative to achieve your goal.  Oh, you had to buy every issue of Teen Beat, Cream and Rolling Stone; you had to convince your stodgy old high school band director to cop some current sheet music that was harder to come by than stock in IBM; you had to search far and wide for mail-order catalogs for instruments and P.A. equipment (unless you had really cool parents who would drive you halfway across the country to a real music store); and finally, you had to listen to every 45 rpm record that came out – on your sister’s rickety, old, pink portable phonograph – to glean every note and nuance to that “hit & happenin’” song that was the current rage on AM radio. Yeah, you heard me, grasshopper – AM. FM wasn’t quite cool enough yet.

I’m tellin’ ya, it was tough going – enough to make ya cry.

But no more, dear hearts.  Oh, no way one has to go through all of that malarkey in the new millennium – especially if you’re lucky enough to live along the Grand Strand; or more to the point, near Dino Capone’s School of Rock in Myrtle Beach, just off of Hwy. 501 and Forestbrook Road.

Dino moved to the area some 16 years ago, playing full-time in bands, and as all musicians know we have a “slow time” during the winters.  So to supplement his income, he began teaching music at his home in the “off season” about three years ago, and as word of mouth spread he soon had approximately 40 students.

Well, those kids told their friends, and they told other kids who wanted to play – one looking for piano, one looking for guitar, one looking drums, one looking to sing; and as the number of students grew, he convinced some of his fellow musicians to join in the tutoring of the youngsters – still from the friendly confines of his humble abode.

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