Reason #27 For Staying Away From SPCA Shelters

27 Jan

katie in snuggie
Katie Lee wrapped up in mama’s Snuggie on a cold January night in the lowcountry. (Photo by Tami Ashley)

By Brian M. Howle

This isn’t really a story, although there is one for the ages to be told at some point, but it’s more of an observation about the relationship between humans and animals.

In this case, the more specific title of “animals” would be dogs.

Seriously … look at that face. Your day sucks that much? Your week? Your year? Your life? Then look at that face. Ummm …. I don’t think so.

See, that’s a face that gets away with absolute murder and mayhem, completely and totally granted amnesty and absolution from the human whose heart melts with unrequited love upon gazing on this skillful little con artist as she “strikes a pose”.

Hey, fault the humans all you want, I’m with ya cuz, I am. But if you have a void in your life that needs quality attention (pssstt … you might not believe this, but you can get a win-win situation in the deal, I swear you can), then I strongly urge you to visit your local SPCA shelter or humane society and find a face of your own.
Note: Katie’s not a rescue dog, but there are so many little ones out there who desperately need someone to step in and save their lives.

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