“Rock ‘N Roll” – 1977

31 Jul

Artist: 1977
Album: Rock ‘N Roll (2008)
Label: Play It Again Records, LLC
Genre: KISS Tribute Rock

(Editor’s Note: As of July 26, 2009, 1977’s Rock ‘N Roll was listed on at #8 in the Classic Rock category; #3 in the ‘70s Rock category, and – TA DA! – Number 1 in the Tribute Band category.)

For any self-respecting KISS fan, it pretty much has to be 100%, undiluted KISS to make your world go ‘round. An while the boys gave us many great albums, it has been awhile since they cranked out anything approaching the raw allure of Love Gun or the like. Actually, it’s been awhile since they cranked out anything.

Well, fret no more, my face-painted little friends. Because here is an album that will blow you away, and make you swear that Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter “got the band back together, man!

The culmination of a lifetime of admiration and immersion into the world of all things KISS, 1977’s Rock “N Roll is one slick release. From the dead-on designs and packaging that slyly mirrors the style of the ‘70s iconic rock legends to the delightfully innovative replication of the beloved “vinyl” album (you have to see the CD – has the oldstyle label, and is black with actual grooves!). The coup de grace is the enclosed extra goody when you open it up – this is a must-have addition to any rockologist’s collection.

There are ten killer tracks on this album, and the attention to detail is stunning. It’s one thing to put together a tribute band, learn to play the KISS catalogue, put on the makeup and costumes and play. But it takes a special, not-readily-available talent to reproduce the music-writing styles that were instantly recognizable as the KISS signature sound of those first few years. It really is a truly remarkable achievement by the genius behind the production of this CD … and a huge hit for any KISS fan, young or old.

And kids, the word is out. 1977 officially entered The MySpace Music Top 100 Artist Chart at No. 92 during the week of Sunday, March 1st 2009. Since then, they have been ranked as high as No. 68 on the chart and have currently settled in the No. 85 position. (NOTE: This ranking is based on a field of 153,111 artists in the genre of Classic Rock in the category of Independent Label Artists.)

This little gem is 100% locally produced – written, recorded, packaged and shipped from somewhere deep within the bowels of Myrtle Beach. Order a Limited Edition of 1977 Rock “N Roll CD by sending $19.77 plus $5.00 U.S. shipping ($8 outside U.S.), in check or money order to: A. Coin Management, LLC, c/o Alexander Coin, P.O. Box 2825, Myrtle Beach, SC 29578.

Oh, and by the way … although Gene (Simmons) had been on record as saying they would never be recording new material again, I find it rather interesting – if not suspiciously coincidental – that he has announced they may soon crank out another album of original music … an announcement made not very long after this album was released in July of 2008!

Reviewed by Brian M. Howle
The previous article was originally published February 23, 2009

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