The Avett Brothers Double Your Fun At House Of Blues July 24 & 25

24 Jul

Avett Brothers
(L-R) Bob Crawford, Seth and Scott Avett.

By Brian M. Howle

One of the most abject things in life is, arguably, the individual interpretation of – and interest in – music. The easy part comes with ready labels, like classical, traditional, rock, blues, hip-hop, techno, etc. – but the harder nut to crack comes when artists choose to immerse themselves in the whole spectrum of styles. So, whenever someone chooses to do just that – you know, dump it all in and mix it up – exactly how do you describe or categorize what kind of sound that results from such an endeavor?

For the experienced connieseur, the likely answer around these parts would be The Avett Brothers.

And joy of joys and happiest of coinky-dinks – because it just so happens that The Avett Brothers will bring their category-defying brand of eclectic (yet mainstream) music to House Of Blues in N. Myrtle Beach, SC for TWO big shows, on Friday, July 24, and Saturday, July 25, 2009.

The ready-made story can be found via Wikipedia, and here’s the skinny:

The Avett Brothers are a folk-rock band from Concord, North Carolina. The band is made up of two brothers, Seth Avett (vocals, acoustic guitar, hi-hat, piano, drum kit) and Scott Avett (vocals, banjo, harmonica, kick drum, drum kit), and Bob Crawford (vocals, upright bass, trumpet). They are often joined on tour by cellist Joe Kwon. Risen from the ashes of Seth and Scott’s former rock band Nemo, The Avett Brothers combine bluegrass, country, punk, pop melodies, folk, rock and roll, honky tonk, and ragtime to produce a sound described by the San Francisco Chronicle as having the “Heavy sadness of Townes Van Zandt, the light pop concision of Buddy Holly, the tuneful jangle of the Beatles, the raw energy of the Ramones.” The group itself eschews labels, feeling that “none would do the music the justice. It’s simply left up to each person to extract his or her own account from the Avetts’ music.”

The Avett Brothers have gone from relative unknowns to the poster children of a brand new and rapidly growing genre of American music, described by critics and fans as “indie roots”, “folk-punk”, or “grungegrass”.

Their live performances showcase their use of three-part harmony and southern rock feel, and are admired for being intense, energetic, and soulful.

The brothers began writing originals and in 2000, with the help of John Twomey (Nemo guitarist), put together a self titled LP labeled The Avett Bros.. Soon after, the band “Nemo” broke up and Scott and Seth continued with the not-so-traditional acoustic music they had been working on.

In early 2002, The Avett Brothers, with help from new stand-up bass player Bob Crawford, recorded their first full album as a band titled Country Was. The band soon went on tour to promote the new album.

They followed with Live at the Double Door Inn (2002); A Carolina Jubilee (2003); Untitled (2003); Swept Away EP (2004); Mignonette (2004); Live, Vol. 2 (2005); Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions (2006); and, The Gleam (2006). The band released Emotionalism on May 15, 2007. It debuted at No.1 on Billboard Top Heatseekers Albums chart, #134 spot on the Billboard Top 200 and #13 on the Independent Artist Chart.

On Friday, May 12, 2007, The Avett Brothers made their national television debut on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. They performed “Paranoia in B-Flat Major” from the album Emotionalism.

The Avett Brothers won the Americana Music Association Duo/Group of the Year and 2007 New/Emerging Artist of the Year awards on November 1, 2007. They followed up with The Second Gleam (2008).

The band announced that their next full-length album – I and Love and You – will be released under the American Recordings/Columbia Records label, in stores on September 29
So get ready to hear something you’ll like, no matter what you like, at House Of Blues in N. Myrtle Beach, SC with The Avett Brothers (remember, TWO big shows) on Friday, July 24, and Saturday, July 25, 2009. Doors open 7:30pm. For ticket info call 843-272-3000 or Ticketmaster 843-679-9333; or visit or
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