Folklore and Superstition – Black Stone Cherry

24 Jul

Black Stone Cherry

Artist: Black Stone Cherry
Album: Folklore and Superstition (2008)
Label: RoadRunner Records
Genre: Rock

I first saw this band in 2007 at House Of Blues, opening for Hinder. Their debut CD made them one of the best new rock bands I had heard in a long, long time … but I often have found that slick, heavily-produced studio work can sometimes mask poor or weak live performances.

Ummm … not with these boys.

Distinctive vocals, aggressive, ball-busting guitars, and a dominate rhythm section combine to build a sound that is both clear and sonic … but their songwriting is equally masterful. No small feat in and of itself; but you see, this Kentucky-based band is young – and mature beyond their years on every level.

Their path from wide-eyed-but-extremely-talented first-timers to savvy, quick-learning veterans has been meteoric. They followed up a very powerful debut album with a well-crafted second release that completely obliterated any thought of “sophomore jinx” – if anything, this effort may surpass the self-titled offering. From the retro, hippie-trippy “Please Come In” (check out the video at to the introspective, common-thread-for-everyone-tear-jerker “Things My Father Said” (want to see if you have a heart that can break? Listen carefully to the lyrics when you check out this video at, their hard driving edge is tempered with great hooks, great riffs, and great lyrics. It’s a killer beginning-to-end 13-track CD that leaves you hungry for more – and if you missed their self-titled debut, I strongly recommend that you check it out, also.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know; bad economy has cut your music budget .. well, buy these and do your part to stimulate the economy – and get a personal reward with a new attitude in return!

With Chris Robertson on Lead Vocals/Guitar, Ben Wells on Guitar, Jon Lawhon on Bass, and John Fred Young on drums (son of Kentucky Headhunters’ guitarist Richard Young), this is a band that exemplifies all that can be good in rock. A relentless touring schedule has honed their repertoire to a fine, hot edge of perfection that will renew your spirit and soothe your soul. This is one of those bands that give you double your money’s worth at a live show, so check their website for their touring schedule and drive, fly, swim, run (well, you get the idea) to their nearest tour venue and REALLY give yourself a treat by experiencing these boys live. Whatever expense you incur will be more than worth it – they are that good.

Best of all, their parents did a dang fine job of raising them .. besides their apparent talent, you won’t find a nicer, more decent or humble group of guys.

Reviewed by Brian M. Howle
The previous review was originally published February 26, 2009.

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